51 Things You Should Never Do.

Never neglect your health.
Never get married for sex.
Never quit your dreams.
Never spend more than you earn.
Never ignore your parents.
Never be pessimistic.
Never forget who helped you in tough times.
Never please people.

Never put work over family.
Never let anyone control your life.
Never say never.
Never spend a day without a to do list.
Never repeat a mistake.
Never discuss your secrets with anyone.
Never spend money spontaneously.
Never hesitate to ask.
Never text anyone back to back.

Never idealize celebrities.
Never remain friends with you Ex.
Never say Yes if your answer is a No
Never have high interest debt.
Never stop learning.
Never be surrounded by failed people.
Never depend on other people.
Never lie to yourself.
Never overthink.

Never let your past control you.
Never give up.
Never let your emotions affect your decisions.
Never ruin an apology with an excuse.
Never love anyone who treats you ordinary.
Never stay at a job you hate.
Never pay attention to critics.
Never say more than necessary.
Never stay in relationship you hate.
Never sit all day.
Never make a promise you can’t keep.
Never worry about things not in your control.
Never let someone who’s never been in your shoes tell you how to tie your laces.
Never be materialistic.
Never leave a single opportunity.
Never let toxic people into your life.
Never water things that don’t want to see you bloom.

Never argue on social media.
Never betray.
Never be fooled.
Never be jealous of people.
Never explain.
Never stop trying.
Never be judgmental.
Never invest based on tips.


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