A post cited by Acostik Television shows a communique by the COALITION OF NABCO TRAINEES (CONAT) simultaneously venting their spleen & also expressing gross disappointment in the NPP Government led by H.E. Nana Akuffo Addo ,for practically turning graduates into slaves through its flagship program, Nation Builders Corps ,which was meant to temporarily curb graduate unemployment in this country .

Frank Mensah Aboagye writes :

Nabco has failed Graduates woefully. A white elephant scheme enslaving the destinies of innocent graduates. 
We are sick and tired of the crafted cock and bull stories, clouded dereliction of duties, the smokescreen-inability, and the gross deliberate deception of graduates with the machination of Nabco Initiative under the auspices of Dr Ibrahim Anyars. 
In fact it is crystally clear from the prolonged tales telling and the failure of Nabco secretariat to pay arrears and the willful abrogation of the terms of contract (which emphatically states that the government  will promptly pay each Trainee 700cedis at the end of every month).
The most vexatious aspect is the recent deception by the new payment system which plainly captures arrears owed Trainees, and being promised to pay them but has turned to be hoodwink fallacy. 
Currently speaking, the promised made by the secretariat to pay arrears dated back January, 2019 before the payment of January stipend has been repudiated. Majority of Trainees with arrears have not been paid and affectionately a lot regular Trainees who are supposed to receive January stipend sorrowfully in the month of March have again be retrograded into arrears backlog. CONAT sees this as deliberate act of recycling arrears by Nabco Secretariat. 
It is sad how approximately 100,000 trainees are kept in bondage over the self interest of our very own, those we gave an opportunity to serve us and make us better. 
The Coalition of Nabco Trainees with deep regrets wish to express its gross dissappointment in the NPP government led by H.E. Nana Addo Dankawh Akuffo Addo for practically turning graduates into slaves through its flagship program, Nation Builders Corps which was meant to temproarily curb graduate unemployment in this country. It is obvious that, these our Leaders careless about our wellbeing. 

From the Performance and Competition section of the Contract signed by every NABCO trainee, it states categorically that *The NABCO will pay you stipends of GHS 700.00 (Seven Hundred Ghana Cedis) month, payable in accordance with NABCO\’s standard payroll schedule beginning end of october, 2018 and you will recieve your first payment through your Ezwich card. This stipend is not subject to adjustment during your engagement period of 3years unless otherwise directed by the Government of Ghana through NABCO\’s National secretariat*. 
This section of the contract practically shows that every trainee is entitled to an amount of GHS 700.00 every month not every 3months nor otherwise with most trainees wallowing in arrears.
It is apparent that the Government has succeeded in gripping trainees in what we call a modern day survitude by Nabco hand-to-mouth scheme with no practical foresight to even consider us when permanent opportunities emerge in the public institutions. 

The Government is, if anything, totally democratic when it comes to owning and abusing graduates. All that\’s required is the chance they beg for a profit and a graduate weak and vulnerable enough to enslave. *This is capitalism at its worst and it is supported by a dramatic alteration in the basic economic equation of slavery. Graduates are not weak, it is out of respect and our peaceful culture that has kept us quiet and calm all this while*. So we are by this communique calling on all trainees nationwide to bravely boycott 6th March because there is nothing like independence for us. We are still slaves and beggars in the sight of politicians. 
Trainees should rather rest and prepare themselves for the upcoming CONAT\’s massive press conference. 
Our message has always been very simple

1. Pay us all unpaid allowances with -No Excuses. No jokes! 
2. From henceforth we demand regular payment of stipends. 
3. We demand to be considered first for any public sector recruitment. 
Finally, CONAT cautions a section of trainees who are trying to tag beneficiaries of NABCO as supporting a specific political party. NABCO is a social intervention and must be devoid of politics. This has never happened in the history of the nation and CONAT under no circumstances  will not allow such misguided activities to happen*. 

The Veep of the Republic of Ghana__

The Cabinet_ The Parliament The Minister For Finance The Minister For Information Kwame Sefa KayiCaptain SmartBernardino Koku AvleNana Aba Anamoah Kwame AdinkrahAnita KumaKwame Nkrumah TikeseAll media housesAll Nabco Trainees Nationwide@Accra@Kumasi @Koforidua @Ho@Sunyani @Tamale etc….
……Signed………*Nana Barimah Asamoah* Patron Coalition of Nabco Trainees0540382575
*Samuel Nyarko*Vice PresidentCoalition of Nabco Trainees0541132571
*Frank Mensah*PRO, Coalition of Nabco Trainees0247735947
*Saddick* President, Greater Accra, Coalition of Nabco Trainees0540948332
*Nana Takyi*Secretary, Coalition of Nabco Trainees.0546572070
*Thomas Gyamerah*Organizer, Coalition of Nabco Trainees 0242344950


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