All You Need To Know About Contraceptives

To begin with, Contraception also known as birth control is any method, medicine or device used to prevent pregnancy Or simply put, preventing pregnancy till you are ready to conceive a baby. In today’s write up we are going to have a comprehensive outlook about the various types of contraception based on their mechanism of action .

Long-acting reversible contraception.(LARC)

These groups of contraception last for a longer time and you can easily stop it at anytime you wish to…Just as the name implies.This method is about 99% effective.Some other people call it ‘fit and forget’😉 .Examples of this method is 💊Implant; a small flexible plastic rod that’s placed under the skin in your upper arm by a health professional. This method can last from 3 to 5 yrs.Another example is;

Intrauterine device(IUD),

There are two types.
Its a small, often ‘T’ shaped birth control device inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

Another group is Hormonal Contraception

These methods works by releasing hormones to either prevent the release of eggs from the ovaries or thickens the cervical mucus to block the sperm.
Eg;1. The pills…
There are two main types of the pills
💊The Progesterone only pill(POP’s)
💊The Combined oral contraceptives (COC’s) which comprises of the oestrogens and progesterone hormones.

These pills are normally taken everyday for 21days( 3 weeks), it depends on the type you get.Some are taken for 28 days even though there are 21 active pills in a pack.Its about 95% effective if taken correctly.

Eg: 2. The Injectables
Typical example is the Depo provera Injection which contains progestogen which is similar to progesterone which is naturally produced in the ovaries.
✔️Its given every 12 weeks
✔️its required you take the injection within the 1st and 5th day of your menstrual cycle..

Another example of the injectables is Noristerat which is injected into the muscle of ur buttocks. This injection releases progestin into your bloodstream also similar to progesterone
✔️The effectiveness last for just 8 weeks.

Some of its side effects includes;
Mood swings
Breast enlargement
Change in sex drive ( low libido)

Another group is the Barrier methods, which includes;

✔️Cervical caps
✔️Vaginal rings
And many others like the sponge, Diaphragms e
tc….I’m sure many of us are familiar with Condoms so I will talk about that Later.

✔️Spermicides contain chemical substance that inactivates the sperm
⚡It can be used alone or with other barrier methods except the sponge which already contain Spermicides.
⚡it comes in different forms which includes foams, creams, gels suppositories etc
⚡You need to wait 10 to 15 mins after insertion or applying before it becomes active
Read the label carefully before you use it because the instructions may differ
⚡Its effective for only an hour( so if you last more than an hour you’ll have to reinsert)

✔️Cervical cap is a small plastic dome that fits tightly over the cervix and stays in place there
⚡it act as a barrier which blocks the sperm from crossing to fertilize an egg
⚡it should be used together with a spermicide
⚡ A health professional has to do this for you
⚡it comes in sizes
⚡it should be left in place 6 hrs after sex but not more than 48 hrs

Congratulations if you were able to read up to this stage.This is just part one of the write up.

Stay Glued and follow us for part two.

Credit : Mrs. A.D Patience


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