Essential underwear tips for ladies

The whole concept of buying, washing and wearing underwear seems quite simple. Underwear needs attention and up-keep more than one may think. It plays an important role in the life of women. It supports the body and serves as comfort. There are many things about underwear many people including women are unaware of . For instance, wearing the wrong pair of underwear could result in catching up an infection.
Here are proven tips every woman / girl should know and follow;
1. Away with tight underwear.
Tight-hugging underwear are not only uncomfortable when worn for long periods, but aren’t healthy for the vagina as it tends to limit airflow and cause irritation. Well- fitting underwear made with the right fabric is important. Cotton fabric undergarments are the best as they have nice breath ability.

2. Wash with skin-friendly detergent.
The skin around the pubic region is sensitive . For washing underwear, it is always advisable to use skin-friendly detergent which is free of perfumes and dyes and made sensitive for skin. Also, it is important to avoid using bleach.

3. Regular change of underwear.
Ideally, it’s best to change underwear daily. One should avoid sitting too long in the same pair of underwear. This is because, underwear traps a lot of moisture. Yeast and bacteria multiply fast in wet and warm environment making room for infections. Also, underwear’s have a shelf life, after some point in time, it loses its elasticity.

4. Lookout for stains.
Always see to it that the underwear being worn do not have dirty stains and discharges.

5. Wear thicker thong.
It’s recommended to avoid G-strings since they cause infections. The shape of a g-string and how it sits on the body encourages the movement of ecoli from the colon to the vagina, which is not ideal for one’s health. Thongs look cute but do well to get thicker ones and be more comfortable.

Almost every lady can testify that wearing good, clean underwear makes them feel sexy, confident and refreshed. A lady with good underwear is a happy lady. So ladies! Please take note of this to ensure that your pubic areas are kept aerated, fresh and hygienic.


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