Good News: Covid-19 patients recover at a faster rate after getting experimental drug remdesivir

Information reaching is that a hospital in Chicago treating covid 19 patients with an experimental drug called remdesivir has witnessed a massive recovery with nearly all patients being discharged in less than a week.

Remdesivir was one of the first medicines discovered as having the potential to combat the SARS CoV-2,the novel coronavirus that causes covid-19.It is an antiviral medication; a nucleotide analog, specifically an adenosine analogue, which inserts into viral RNA chains, causing their premature termination.

The covid-19 patients taking part in the clinical trial of the drug had all the fever and respiratory symptoms before the drugs were administered to them.According to statnews, all the patients were treated with daily infusions of remdesivir .

“The best news is that most of our patients have already been discharged, which is great. We’ve only had two patients perish,” said Kathleen Mullane, the University of Chicago infectious disease specialist overseeing the remdesivir studies for the hospital .

“It’s always hard,” she said, because the severe trial doesn’t include a placebo group for comparison. “But certainly when we start the drug, we see fever curves falling,” she said. “Fever is now not a requirement for people to go on trial, we do see when patients do come in with high fevers, they do reduce quite quickly. We have seen people come off ventilators a day after starting therapy. So, in that realm, overall our patients have done very well.”

She concluded by saying that “Most of our patients are severe and most of them are leaving at six days, so that tells us duration of therapy doesn’t have to be 10 days. We have very few that went out to 10 days, maybe three,\”.


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