How to Make Money Online

With the internet taking over a large part of our lives ,many people are on the look out for ways to make money online and also engender multiple source of income.But the problem is how do you earn money online, what are the necessary steps you need to take and how much can you earn from working online.?. Well,you just got served.I\’m going to take you through the what(s) ,how(s) ,the where(s) and the necessary steps you need to take in other in order to make money online.Just relax and enjoy the ride.

Surf the Net and Get Paid

Yeah ,you heard me right and I know it sounds implausible.But the truth remains that you can get paid just to browse the internet.

Now here is the deal,

We have lots of companies that are ready to pay you to install their software,keep it on, while you are surfing the internet.The rationale behind this is to track their users activity and get to know what sites they visit as well as figure out how to market.

The in-commodity of this one is that you may see random advertisements popping up,so do your due diligence and get a pop up blocker(this can be installed for free,just search it on google)

Here are some Steps you can take in Order for you to browse the net and get Paid,

  • Search the net and list the companies that pay people to browse the net .These are some recommendations: Wonder,Swagbucks,Opinion Output,User Testing,Smart Panel and Mobileexpression.
  • Download and Install their tracking software
  • Browse through the net and start earning.

How much do I get Paid?

Most companies will pay something around $5 for hour you browse and $2 for every referral .

Article Writing

Do you have a knack for writing ? Are you good in writing articles? If your answer was positive then you can earn money by writing articles for people with websites.Many website owners don\’t have enough time to constantly create many contents for their websites in order to rank higher on google.As a result,they have to hire people to write on their behalf.

These are some steps you can follow in order for you to become a content writer,

  • Search for freelancing sites like Elance, Guru, OdeskExpound your interest and your level of experience.
  • You can email with your name and include a writing sample.We are on the look out for more writers and will give a trial work to all eligible writers.
  • Google writer job openings
  • Send an application to websites you like and ask if they are searching for writers.

How much can I make out of Writing

  • $1 to $100 depending on the length of the article and your level of experience
  • Even if you are a beginner you can earn from $0.50 for each 100 words on an article

Become A Blogger

Do you have something that you are passionate about?You can earn money from it just by merely talking about it.Sounds fun and pleasant to the ear right? .Well, in order to do this,you would need to be a good writer with the ability to wet people\’s interest.Websites or blogs can be monetized just like you browsing the internet and getting paid.Google pay you anytime you get a click on their ads.

Here are some start up process you can follow

  • Choose a company to blog.I recommend WordPress or Blogger.
  • Choose between a free account and a paid account.Many people opt in for paid account so as their blog will look more professional.So this is how your blog will look like, Free account(Eg) and a paid account will look like this – may sound pretty daunting but its very easy.
  • After your blog is set up,add content as frequent as you can .This could be stories or anything you are passionate about.

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