If You Under 30, Open This

Stop thinking so much.You’re still very young, you got time.I know a lot of things don’t make sense right now, but it’s gonna be okay.If you feel something is right for you. At least give it a try.

Don’t let fear decide your future.Don’t let procrastination take over your life. Be brave. Take risks.Don’t stress over the ‘how’, give your best and wait.

Practice patience. It’s your key to a happy life.
Don’t obsess over perfection. No one is perfect, that’s why keypads have ‘del’ keys.Doesn’t matter how others are doing. Everyone has a different story. You gotta write your own.Learn the lesson and keep going. You’re strong. You’ll make it.

Worrying about things don’t solve them. Be easy on yourself. Let go.Make friends with people who are proud to have you. And support your purpose.Make sure to rest, and have fun. Balance is important too.

And finally, don’t take yourself too seriously. Life’s too short for that shit.I hope this article makes sense to every person under 30. Follow me for more Updates


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