INS3NKU Releases New Single- “Sunny Vibes”

Ghanaian Young Gospel Star Ins3nku has brought to the global space another brand new single ”Sunny Vibes” ,a magnum opus as described by many great producers around the world,

Sunny Vibes is a reflection of how crazy the year has been for every Tom,Dick and Harry around the globe.The song projects the message that God should grant us strength not to give up hope because we know with him by our side,we will sail through every storm, and our end will be great

Ins3nku is noted for delivering sweet contemporary gospel music,and this makes him appealing to lovers and patrons of good gospel music. He has carved a niche for himself in the gospel music scene as one of the fastest growing contemporary gospel musicians in the country.

Ins3nku after releasing ”Emmanuel” and ”Free” has been on the bill of many gospel shows in Ghana and abroad ,performing to the admiration of different varieties of audience.His music has indeed been cheered on by lots of great musicians in Ghana and beyond.

Check Out The Single Below

Sunny Vibes


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