Dandelion; The immune system booster

Dandelion has been used for several years due to its medicinal purposes. Just a handful are aware of how beneficial dandelion is. A large population only recognizes it as a stubborn and unwanted weed found on their lawns.

Dandelion, a plant considered as herbs is a plant with yellow flowers. Along the years, its roots, stem, leaves and flowers have proved their importance in human development and physical well being. It botanical name “Taraxacum officinale” speaks for its usefulness and healing effect.
With the world gradually becoming aware of its importance, the leaves are served in salads and tea, and the flowers are used for alcoholic beverages including schnapps.

The bioactive compounds in dandelion has also been observed to reduce the level of cholesterol, fight diabetes and treat ailments and infections, such as hepatitis, constipation, high blood pressure, loss of appetite and among others. They are rich in phosphorus, iron , potassium, manganese and other essential supplements that facilitate growth.

An additional benefit of dandelion is how effectively it treats skin conditions, lymphatic inflammation and anaemia. The bitter ingredients in the flowers are also extremely beneficial to the body by stimulating the activity of the stomach and digestive glands.

The roots of dandelion are powerful enough to build up blood and immune system. It cures prostate, lung and other cancers better than chemotherapy. The
taste of the dandelion is unpleasant, but much cheaper and more effective than chemotherapy. They are also used as diuretic; for increasing the production of urine, relieves the body of excess heat and help lose weight.

While dandelion is generally beneficial to health, too much can cause cardiac arrhythmias, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Caution must be taken when consuming dandelion root as the plant can cause excessive excitement. It is best to speak to a doctor before taking them to discuss possible risks and interactions with other medications.


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