NABTAG has come across a press release published on the 19th of April, 2021, of which the subject (referenced above) doesn’t reflect the actualities on the ground as far the necessary checks reveal. As the usual fashion of the group has been when it comes to feigning presentations to dent the image of the scheme, NABTAG finds this new development unsurprising.

This rejoinder is hereby released to discard the uninformed assertions themed in the aforementioned press release published by the group, which is made up of mischievous persons contracted to sabotage the effort of the NPP government in securing the future of the youth through the designated initiatives, especially the NABCO scheme, which was in a direct attention.

As well-meaning beneficiaries can decipher the signal on the subject of the press release in reference, NABTAG finds it unintelligible that a supposed group of intellectuals couldn’t reason together to discover the conflicting and unfounded premise for the claims made in the its publication.

Not long ago, the National President of NABTAG, Dennis Opoku Katakyie, specifically updated trainees on the various social media platforms on the robust groundwork by stakeholders for the materialisation of the Career Pathway Transition Process (CPTP). Moreover, messages were divulged to those who had successfully completed their CPTP specifying an assurance for the next stage. Aside from that, the Communication Team of NABTAG has persistently spoken about the ongoing consultations with User Agencies and other stakeholders to the effect of permanenting all well deserving trainees.

All of these preparations goes further to solidify the Akuffo-Addo-led NPP government’s willingness to see to it that the promise to secure the future of the youth through job creation births a realistic impact.

An immediate logical fallacy is identified here: if government’s commitment towards the realization of the promise to provide sustainable jobs to the youth has been proven beyond doubt in this manner, what form of accountability must it be held to?

For what the association captured in its press release as “ready to hold government accountable on its promises”, the import is completely unwarranted on the grounds of the realities indicated earlier. We cannot hold government accountable on any promise when the requisite steps are being taken to bring the same promise into fruition. Nobody in their rightful senses will reason with the particularity of the subject matter put forward in the unfortunate release.

NABTAG seeks to implore trainees to disregard such contradictory assertions and remain focused on their work as management continues with the CPTP. The executives of NABTAG will continually hold deliberations with management in a more constructive manner as we did with the petition letter.

With a closer observation of the pattern taken by these persons parading themselves as trainees, it becomes clear that they have resolved to tapping into the effort of NABTAG. Trainees are once again reminded to dissociate themselves from their activities as their leader is not a NABCO trainee but involving himself to achieve his personal gains.

All matters relating to the payment of arrears are being examined. Those who are legitimately affected will be duly paid. We do bear with you all.

NB: Some members of the above-mentioned mischievous association have been raising attacks and inciting trainees to embark on demonstration amidst the CPTP. We have began the process of furnishing the appropriate agency responsible for addressing security matters and the Secretariat with names and details of the culprits which will be followed up with the appropriate sanctionary measures.

In a similar way, we have received audio tapes and attached messages of threats directed to some executives of NABTAG aimed at depositing fear into them to disincentivize their resoluteness in supporting NABCO management and safeguarding trainees’ welfare. All of these distractions comes in to achieve one agenda; to sabotage the good works of the NPP government.

We entreat trainees to disregard the press release as the facts specified in this rejoinder disprove the assertions and reveal the ulterior motives encapsulated in the quest by opposition to frustrate the NPP government.

The Career Pathway Transition Process (CPTP) is actively charting a path to ensure that the ultimate goal is arrived at. Management does not intend to merely extend the period as some people are sending across.

“Be proud Nation Builders”.

Akwasi Botchway,
National Communication Team Lead.

Dennis Opoku Katakyie,
National President.


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