THE ATTRACTIVE MAN ( A Must Read for Men)


Your masculinity isn’t just something that improves a man’s look. It’s a necessity for a woman because she needs it for protection, providing, fixing, building. Masculine men are more likely to be successful and stronger than those who are not. You need to be masculine for yourself, and for her too. She wants to feel safe around you. She wants to know that nothing will happen to her when she’s with you.


Women want ambitious men. She wants to know she’s dating a guy who will work and not complain about it. If a man’s not ambitious then that means he can’t provide for their future family. That’s why women don’t like men who are answering within a second. That only means you have a lot of free time. If you have a lot of free time, it only means you’re not ambitious enough.


Women want men who’ll act like a jerk when they’re in a need of fun. That’s why you need to know how to be both – a good man and a jerk. You have to be a grown, mature, good man when you’re dominating her. And a little bit of a jerk when you two are having fun. Be a good man when she’s serving you, submitting to you, taking care of you. She knows you’re joking with her when you’re acting like a jerk. She also knows there is a good side of yours when she’s doing all that things for you.


No woman wants an immature man. Because a lot of women are acting like children (they’re in constant need of attention), and it would be a disaster if you’re immature too. She needs a man who will be mature and calm her immature side. A woman will fall hard for a mature man. She needs a man who will lead her through life and she can only trust a mature man with that. Also, mature men can control emotions better than those who are immature – and women need men who can do that. Why? Because they can’t.


You need to have some MATURE goals in your life.

Mature goals are:

  • Pursuing Your Purpose in Life
  • Getting jacked
  • Starting a family
  • Starting a business
  • Earning a lot of money
  • Moving out of your parents house

If you’re a man, and your goals are:

· Do nothing all day
· Setting new records in games
· Working the same job forever (not taking risks)Then no woman will take you seriously. And no woman will do anything for you.


She wants you to be a little bigger, but in your muscles. Dad body is a sign of laziness, and no woman wants a lazy man. Hit a gym, start eating healthier and take care of your body. A jacked body will always be better than a dad body. A man with muscles will look way more masculine than a guy who doesn’t have them. A dad body looks weak, and she doesn’t want weak. She already is that.


Women want men who are respected by other people. That only means he is a high value. If other people respect you, she will do it too. When you’re respected by other people and not just by her, it’s clearly a sign that you are a man with worth. Other people see your value, and she will too. That’s why she will also do anything for you.


Women need men who are intelligent and smart. She will say some stupid things just to test your knowledge. She needs you to be smart because not being smart bores her. It’s well known that women are thinking emotionally and men logically. That’s why she will trust you more than herself. She knows she’s being led by her emotions, while you’re being led by your brain.


Confident men will more likely succeed in their life. That’s why women need confident men. A confident man will be aware of his capabilities and worth – he will get anything he wants. Confident men make women feel better about themselves. Most women struggle with self-love, and their man’s confidence is making them feel good. How you feel is what she feels.


Women want men who can have any woman but chooses her. It’s a sign that he’s so good that other women want him. And it’s a sign that he’s so strong no other woman can win him. A man who will fall for every half-naked woman on Instagram is just showing how weak he is. No woman wants a man who can’t control his hormones. He has to be stronger than that.


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