Uncle Fifi: 35 years Old Narrates How His Mother Dumped Him The Same Day He was Born

A very young handsome man who goes by the name Uncle Fifi, in a tweet narrated how his own biological mother dumped and abandoned him in the bush.

According to him,the biological mother dumped him the same day he was born due to unknown reasons. ” I was apparently found by a man walking to work in the early hours and he took me to the police station.The police took me to Queen 2.Then my Real Mom found me and raised me” .He narrated…

After scouring through the tweets from his ardent followers, one could tell that they were really inspired,others also expressing grief and another patrons of social media were seen iterating and reiterating that its is not in its rightful place for people to judge the biological mother.

In that,something might have happened to her and she may be trying to protect the baby by dropping him there.Per adventure ,someone would come to his rescue .

However,Uncle Fifi disclosed that the situation he went through is a blessing.And that he wouldn’t have been where he is now , had he not been left there for his family to find him .

He went on further to say that he doesn’t hate his biological Mom though.Because she left him there and was found by the Real Mom.”My biological mom gave me up and my real mom found me”.He said…


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