What Is The Colour of Sex

The way you view colour determines how you react to it and the colour you give to sex determines how you engage in it and how you view it.

  • White represents purity,holiness,innocence,equality,new beginnings, immaculate and neat,self-sufficient, pristine and open.If your favorite color is white, it will reflect in your personality.
  • Red represents passion,energy action,desire
  • Orange represents adventure and risk taking,social communication and interaction,friendship and divorce.
  • Yellow represents mind and intellect,happiness and fun,communication and new ideas.
  • Green represents harmony and balance,hope and growth
  • Blue represents communication,peace,calm,honesty,authority,wisdom and religion
  • Pink represents unconditional love,nurturing,compassion and hope
  • Brown represents stability,structure,security,natural and wholesome
  • Black represents mystery,power and control
  • Indigo represents integrity,intuition,wisdom,structure and order
  • Gold represents success,wealth,prestige and luxury.

Sexual behaviour is instinctual but also social.It is the social factors that colours the sex and determines how it is engaged in and viewed.If sexual behaviour can be social then we can confidently say this:

Sexual behaviour is primarily learned through observation as well as through the direct experience of punishment and rewards.

Let me break it down: This simply means your sexual behaviour now is as a results of your experiences through childhood and the things that happened to you .For example,if you were bathing at the school bathroom and your friends tells you that you have a small dick ,and they laugh at you.This will determine your confidence during and after sex.For the ladies ,bad experiences like having big vulva and small breast can be a bad experience.Excessively big penis can both a source of worry and confidence at the same time.Statements like “He will destroy your womb with his thing” can have varied effects.

Abuse can also be a source that can colour sex.One may ask How?

A lady who has been gang raped can either be very promiscuous because she thinks she is worthless and can hate sex forever(Sex has been coloured here). Sexual abuse by close relatives,like uncle father,brother etc can also colour sex.Some women even have sex with their sons.I have even heard of a man who has slept with all his daughters.These group of people will also have a particular colour for sex.


Pornography in reality gives an exaggerated and sometimes distorted view of sex.Without sounding judgemental ,porn can affect sex negatively.For example,we have a term in psychology called “Habituation”. It means when you are exposed to something of excitation for a long time,it looses its excitement.So long exposure to porn can cause sexual dysfunction and sometimes perversion like masturbation,bestiality and anal sex.

There are some married men who cannot have sex with their wives unless they masturbate.It has also been shown that mothers who expose their sons can cause damage to them.


When it comes to orgasm,it has been noted that women are usually at the wrong end.Some women suffer frigidity,thus, no matter what you do ,they seem not to cum.This may be due to the factors above.Men are therefore advised to learn the art of foreplay and stop putting pressure on women to cum during penetration because much of orgasmic pleasures comes from the clitoris.Foreplay is the woman’s heaven,kissing,touching,clitoral massage among others is very key .It is important to also note that women who do not respect their partners by insulting them can cause their erectile dysfunction .When a woman for example,says “is that all your penis “?,it can cause so much emotional pains to the guy and he might not achieve full erection.With some nice words and caressing ,the penis you see as small can gain its full capacity.Respect is everything!

“All these statement can cause permanent damage and therefore its paramount to note that the way you see sex and the colour you give sex is also informed by your self concept.People with high self esteem enjoy sex better as compared to people with low self esteem.”

Masochism / Sadism/ Frotlenism

  • Masochism- When people can only enjoy sex when they are beaten or injured.
  • Sadism – When people can only enjoy the sex when they are causing pain to the one they are having sex with.
  • Frotlenism- Enjoying sex when you rub your genitals against the opposite sex still in your clothes

These preservation are also determined by the social experiences,some want wild sex ,some without violence,like doggy.

In conclusion,the colour we give to sex is usually based on experiences which sometimes can be harmful but thankfully we can change the colour with proper guidance.

With the above statements,I can boldly say the Colour of SEX is LOVE.


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