What Men Don’t Want Women To Know – The Lies,The Secrets,The Hidden Truth

I know many guys will despise me for writing these .Many women across the globe who don’t want to know much about their partners will hate me for this. If you are the type of girl that thinks “what I don’t know can’t hurt me” Then stop reading this article now, else this article may shatter your world .

But if you are a person who needs to know the facts, who wants to live in a real world and solve real problems, who  is not afraid to look at the underside of men and deal with them as they are then this article will tell you everything you need to know.

In today’s article we are going to have a comprehensive outlook about the secret men keep and  the lies they tell when it comes to personal history, sex, fidelity, office  life, finances, fantasies and, most important, what they will and won’t do for love. Men are the most powerful yet neediest creatures on earth. From infancy they learn that only the strong survive, that they must hide every weakness behind a facade of ambition, power, and domination.

How then does a man open himself to the love, trust, sexual satisfaction he needs, when he can show no weakness, when he cannot take the chance of revealing his true self? This is the curse of being a man and, perversely, the dichotomy women find irresistibly fascinatingAlright let’s get into it with the first point


Fact 1: A successful, well- dressed man attracts women.

Fact 2: Men are attracted to beautiful young women.

Put the two together, and you will have life at the office. Men, especially as they grow older, crave constant reminders that they are still attractive to women. It is in the office that your man can truly care to his need, with the total security of knowing you will not interfere or find out what he does when he’s there. Even if he’s not crazy about his actual job, going to work is a social vacation for him, and he will milk it for all it’s worth. This is his sandbox .His playroomThis is where he subtly flirts with twenty-year-old interns, where he seemingly mentors beautiful, young MBA’s, or just stares and fantasizes about receptionists in short skirts. You probably know the drill since you’ve probably had at least one serious relationship with someone in your office (and a few other “crushes” at some point in your career as well). A man, on his own, at the office, is not a pretty picture.

In fact: If you had ever been given the chance to see your man at the office when you are not present you would have become physically ill

If you saw the way he “jokingly” coos to a young intern, “You look wonderful today! If I wasn’t married like…… “If you saw the way he talks to his male cohorts about “the lungs on that new secretary …”If you saw the way a business meeting quickly turns into  “a social call” when the person he’s meeting turns out to be an attractive female

hat is not to say that all men use their office as singles bar. And we’re not saying that all men fully utilize the beautiful young tools that surround them. But then I’m just saying that your man is in a dangerous environment when he is at the office and that you must heed to this warning.

It  doesn’t matter if your man is the President of  Ghana if there are women working under him, you can rest assured that he is toying with their minds. He will try out all the skills he’s got and even new ones to make sure the beautiful ladies fall for him. A funny comment here , a compliment there, a helpful piece of needed advice, hoping and counting on them to fall in lust/love with him.

My man wants to fall in love with an NSS girl or a slay queen at Ghana Revenue Authority? . What in God’s name are you talking about?

See, in the eyes of your man there can never be too many women who lusts for and want them. Even if his genuine intention is to remain faithful .He will take solace in the fact that the fat intern has a crush on him. He will reveal it in the knowledge that she told her friend she thinks he is adorable .For Men this is a chase and letting women chase after them is a welcome respite from countless years of doing the chasing themselves. But do not despair, now you have the confidence of knowing that when your man attempts to pull the wool over your eyes regarding what happens at work, he might as well come out and ask for a condom, ripped for that matter.

If your man has found himself in a female rich environment through no fault of him own then you should simply worry and keep a symbiotic eye out for any contact with sexy female underlings meeting to go over notes, preparation for joint preparation, weekend catch up sessions and other fabricated clichés .

But if your man has created this environment himself by hiring this women on his own and they seem abnormally attractive, then you should be terrified. A man who creates temptation ridden environment is a man who wants to be in a temptation ridden environment.

In this article I will give you a hint as to why he does that, it’s not to test his self-restraint. If you confront him, and he tells you he had nothing to do with hiring these women, that hiring is “Bob’s responsibility, “don’t believe him. If he has any input whatsoever into who works at his company, the hiring of these females is for his personal wish fulfillment. Why would he do this? He wants easy access.He can pick and choose the women he wants to surround him, knowing full well that he has dramatically improved his odds of those women finding him attractive (as opposed to, for example, meeting them at a bar). It’s like loading the dice. This happy less women have no choice than to fall for him.


The only time your man considers women sexual harassment is when she weighs two hundred pounds and looks like the women in “DI ASA” show

Men fantasize about and yearn for harassment (which, as far as men are concerned, is the wrong choice of words. If you pose a sign up for men to volunteer to submit themselves to sexual harassment by a beautiful superior, the line will wrap around the block. Like I said, it doesn’t work both ways. Now that we have established that you are at a severe disadvantage with your man at the workplace, what can you do to help even the odds?


Be aware of the Danger –Now  that you know what is going on there, take a more aggressive stance

2. Question Everything. -“Where is your meeting?” “Why is it so early?” “Why  only the two of you?

3. Be Proactive. – Do a drive- by at one of these “meetings” and make sure his car is where he told you he was going. Surprise him at work once in a while just to keep him on his toes. If you show up and he’s chatting it up with a beautiful assistant, you’ll know the face of the enemy.

4. Ask who he lunched with. Do this consistently. Your man will sense that you are on to him. Suspicious women make men much more thoughtful about cheating, because if a man knows he’s likely to be questioned about his whereabouts, he’ll be a lot less likely to do anything questionable. Leaf through h his day book, eyeing his lunch and dinner schedule. He’ll act like he doesn’t care, but he’ll steal glances and begin to sweat.

5. Beware of Office Party –   When alcohol comes into the picture, what started off as a harmless flirtation can end up as raging sex in the back room. Whenever possible, accompany your man to these events. If you have serious apprehensions about what might occur, get sick and make him stay home to take care of you.

Copy down these five points and paste them in your day- book, diary, or whatever chronicle you consult on a daily basis. Adherence to the FIVE MAJOR POINTS OF WORK- PLACE SAFETY is absolutely critical to the ultimate success and endurance of your relationship.

This is just part one the whole write up,follow,share and comment for more updates


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